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The Happy PharmD Podcast

Dec 23, 2023

In this episode of The Happy PharmD podcast, we are excited to feature Anaïs Mennuti and Kristin Speer, a dynamic duo of passionate filmmakers who also happen to be pharmacists. Together, they're embarking on an incredible journey, working on a documentary that sheds light on the often-overlooked role of pharmacists. Titled "Would You Like Shots with That?" their documentary aims to uncover the multifaceted responsibilities of pharmacists in our healthcare system. 


Join us as we explore the intersection of their two worlds – pharmacy and filmmaking – and discover the story behind this enlightening documentary project.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Anaïs and Kristin:


02:43 - Anaïs details the grassroots beginnings, GoFundMe success, and the team's dedication to unveiling pharmacy's untold stories.

11:31 - Kristen addresses the struggle to reshape public perception, emphasizing the identity crisis beyond convenience-based models.

20:23 - Unveiling the mission: changing America's pharmacy perception through open conversations.

31:20 - The potential impact of a healthcare tragedy, prompting proactive changes before crisis point.

35:58 - Exploring the pharmacist paradox, urging listeners to form opinions on provider status versus organizational focus.

39:35 - A discussion on healthcare system complexity and sharing book proposal excerpts highlighting systemic challenges.

40:53 - Reflecting on societal changes, the discussion explores the unique perspective of instant gratification.

42:05 - Anaïs and Kristen reveal documentary milestones, Hollywood collaborations, and efforts to secure investor support.

44:40 - Their aim to amplify diverse perspectives, including PBM corporate insights, to drive meaningful conversations.


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